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Welcome dear visitor to the official homepage of the artist Carsten John

Carsten John is an artist who uses Fotografiks as a means of expression.

The main theme of the artist's work is esteem. He approaches this main theme with different subtopics and different styles.

For his work on cardboard, Carsten John has chosen a comic style to match the medium. He takes the viewer into possible parallel realities and shows him alternatives.

On the other hand, the artist chose an abstract figurative style for his works on canvas. In this way, he would like to invite the viewer to deal with the chosen subtopic in a thoughtful way and draw his own conclusions from the questions and statements presented.

Through these different approaches Carsten John tries to show that prosocial and egoistic tendencies of humans are to be reconciled with one another by way of esteeming behavior.

Please take a look around. You are cordially invited to have an overview of the artist's work.


Art on cardboard

Next work series could come soon.


Art on canvas

Next work series could come soon.


If you are interested in these works, feel free to get in contact.
Each original work is a unique piece. Each original work is signed, dated and titled on the reverse.

Art prints and many other products designed with these works can be found in the webshop at society6.com.


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